Residency Visa for Part Time Resident - how to do in 3 wks?

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Residency Visa for Part Time Resident - how to do in 3 wks?

Postby ardilla » Fri Dec 17, 2010 7:18 pm

Hi ExpatPeru-ers,

Greetings! I hope I am posting this to the right subforum

I am a US citizen married to a dual Peruvian/US Citizen. We currently live in the US and are exploring living in both countries part time in the next few years. We would live more in the US than in Peru. We think it might be that we would be in peru 2-3 months out of the year in a given 12 month period. We work for a living here in the USA. We will be going to Peru early 2011 for about 3 weeks and then returning to the U.S.

So here are my questions, I would appreciate any advice you could offer me:

1. Can I get started on the residency application process (categoria: esposa de ciudadano Peruano) while I am there? If so, how long does all that stuff with the "first part" of the process (initial trips to Migraciones and Interpol) _really_ take before a decision is rendered? And must it be done inside Peru or can you do this by applying for a residency visa at a consulate and bypass that set of steps? I've looked on the Ultimate Peru List and this board. Both are a tremendous help but they don't address this specific situation.

2. Let's assume we cannot do any part of the first set of processes outside of Peru. Let's assume we did take the route of applying at migraciones/Interpol and the first round of paperwork were approved, could we then just go pick up my residency visa at the Peruvian consulate?

3. If we could in fact retrieve a residency visa at the consulate, what are the timing requirements to a) get the visa and b) use it and c) get a CE?

4. Can anyone recommend the fastest way to obtain legalized, translated and notarized birth certs and marriage certs while we are outside of Lima? Our marriage was in the US and is registered with the Peruvian consulate. We were thinking we could mail these to a relative in Peru and have them hire a tramitador to get them ready. Is this advisable/possible? Then when we get to Lima we would take them to Migraciones and start the process. Is this the way to go? Any advise on a good tramitador that could handle this appropriately?

Thanks so much for any advice, suggestions, recommendations you may be able to provide on this front. --ardilla

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Re: Residency Visa for Part Time Resident - how to do in 3 wks?

Postby Alpineprince » Fri Dec 17, 2010 7:27 pm

You do not need, nor would you qualify for anything other than a tourist visa, if you only spend a few months here.
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Re: Residency Visa for Part Time Resident - how to do in 3 wks?

Postby scott » Fri Dec 17, 2010 10:32 pm

1. About four weeks, longer for most. None of the processes can be initiated outside of Peru or facilitated via a consulate.

2. No, the process can ONLY be completed at the main immigrations office in Lima.

3. Not possible.

4. Sorry, I did the entire process myself. Took slightly less than a month.

Even if you did get your CE, you would lose it due to residency requirements, which are strictly enforced. You must live in Peru for at least. 183 day in any 365 day period. If you are out of the country longer, you lose your residency.
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