Marriage for dual national

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Marriage for dual national

Postby kuranaga » Sun Feb 26, 2012 7:03 am


I have questions regarding documents required for marriage for a dual national (with 2 passports).

I'm national of Romania and France, so I have two passports, however I'm born in Romania, so my birth certificate is of course romanian only. In France I was naturalized about 20 years ago and during the naturalization of my family, my name was changed (to be "more french" to ease "being french") - the names in romanian passport/birth certificate and french passport differ significantly. From France I have only naturalization records, but no birth certificate.

Moreover, last 5 years I've lived in Spain (so my both passports were issued in the consulates of my countries in Spain).

Does anyone have an idea, which documents may be required to marry in Peru? It is probably easier to marry with romanian passport I guess... however, if would prefer to marry with the french one, how will Peru handle the difference in my birth certificate? Anyone has an idea what to do in my case?

I know sounds complicated... but there is for sure a solution.

Thanks, hope someone can help.


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