Hoping to Move to Peru to teach English, suggestions

Answers to your qestions about moving to, and living in, Peru,
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Hoping to Move to Peru to teach English, suggestions

Postby tessfn » Tue Sep 11, 2012 3:49 pm

I was hoping to get any words of advice or suggestions when it comes to finding a English teaching position in Peru particularly Lima. At this point I am a total beginner about Peru, however I am really enthusiastic to learn about a new culture and country.
My partner and I are recent college graduates and are looking to spend some time abroad again.
He was a Spanish major so he has that background and I am hoping to learn, as it would be a useful tool to have coming from Southern California.
When it comes to getting a job is it something that can be arranged internationally or is it better to do it in person in Peru?
Should we look into doing any of the English teaching certifications or from your experience is it unnecessary?
Any schools, positions or jobs you know of right now?
Any suggestions on finding a apartment or housing?
Really any information helps but I figured I would post a topic while doing my homework.


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chi chi
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Re: Hoping to Move to Peru to teach English, suggestions

Postby chi chi » Tue Sep 11, 2012 9:23 pm

Good teachers are always needed in Peru but competition is tough. Many more people are applying than there are jobs available.

The biggest burden will be getting a workvisa. You must be able to find a school that will be able to sponsor you.
To get a good job with reasonable working conditions at one of the better schools, then a teaching qualification and good references will be a must. I often see jobvacancies for teachers in ElComercio but they require qualifications.
With just experience, it will be tough, although not impossible.

Many teachers work illegally but they usually get paid very little and often work many hours just to make ends meet.

Many people gives private lessons in their own home or at the students home. That gives you a lot of freedom and independance. (no boss is always better) Building a customer base will be slow however but after some time it can generate you a fair enough income.
Finding accomodation in Lima is easy. Buy ElComercio on Sunday and you find 100's of rental ads in all price ranges. From rooms to rent to penthouses. Food can be bought at a democratic price at markets.

You won't get rich with teaching English but with hard work and the right attitude, you can survive here. You will have to make some sacrifices. But where not? In Europe and the US, it's tough too at the moment. Many expats teach English. Many have been doing it for years.

Best advice I can give you is that you just give it a try but make sure that you arrive here with enough money and a plan B in case things don't work out that you can go back home and start up again there. Don't arrive here with no back up plan or you last nickels.
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Re: Hoping to Move to Peru to teach English, suggestions

Postby Lloyd007 » Wed Sep 12, 2012 4:18 pm

Chi Chi is giving some excellent advice there.

Renting an apartment however, is often best done by ''window shopping'' when you actually get to Peru. Most places are not advertised on the internet and just have a board in the window. You can certainly negociate doing it either way.
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Re: Hoping to Move to Peru to teach English, suggestions

Postby Jalapenomel » Wed Sep 12, 2012 7:28 pm

I did the English teacher hustle with several companies here in Peru. There are tons of these jobs for native speakers, but they don't pay great and you have to do a ton of commuting (I had a class that was 40 minutes by combi from my home). It is more like private tutoring then a "school" type setting. I never had more then 5 students in my classes, but most of them were 1-2 students.

I had classes most mornings at 7-9 am, one at lunch time and one in the evening...all are about 2 hours and I got paid between 27-32 soles an hour or class (depends on the company). You do not need any type of teaching certification for this type of job.

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