Spanish for French Speakers materials?

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Spanish for French Speakers materials?

Postby katebruder » Tue Feb 26, 2013 2:45 pm


I know this might be an unusual request, but I was wondering if anybody knew of an institute/bookstore either here in Lima or the US that I could find a materials (book/workbook/activities/etc) that teach Spanish to a French speaker.

I work with Scripture Union, a Christian organization based in Lima and we work with abandoned children. Through this ministry, we have 7 homes several regions of the country and in one of our homes there is a Haitian boy who does not speak Spanish. He is 13 years old and able to read in French and Haitian Creole. Because of the similarity, he does understand some Spanish words but we want to improve his language comprehension so that he can enroll in school here.

I have a book called "Ingles para Latinos" that I found on and is great, but couldn't find something similar for French speakers - the perfect part of this book is that everything (instructions, grammar rules, etc) are all explained in Spanish and not in English like regular learn English materials).

I would prefer materials here in Peru but do have regular volunteers from the US so it wouldn't be too hard to get something from there. I have already contacted the Alianza Francesa but while I wait for their response, I thought I would ask here too.

Any thoughts on French materials that teach Spanish would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Spanish for French Speakers materials?

Postby ExpatPeruMods » Tue Feb 26, 2013 5:52 pm

I would check SBS Bookstore, they have a wide variety teaching materials. There is one on Larco in Miraflores, you can check their website or call 206-4900
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Re: Spanish for French Speakers materials?

Postby Ruizmar » Wed Feb 27, 2013 3:55 am

Hi Katebruder,

As you've been told, you can find books for teaching Spanish on SBS Bookstore, but you need to check the one in Angamos Av., next to the Scotiabank, a block away from the Icpna (intersection of Angamos and Arequipa).

If you want a piece of advice, I'm a Spanish as a second/foreign language teacher and I have used a wide range of materials available in Lima and Spain (and

I wouldn't recommend, as you've noticed, any material made for English speakers, which usually place their instructions in English, and even, some of them still try to work through translations. I agree with you on using a book that is all in Spanish, as they can keep the student immersed and help them learn faster.

The books that you can find in Lima (SBS), imported from Spain, and that I could find useful would be:
Español en Marcha 1-4: It's an affordable book with a communicative methodology. Good for a start.
Agencia ELE: It's a modern book for teaching adults. Expensive.
Avance 1-4: It's good for adults, but teenagers might get bored.

If you can easily buy on (or since it's cheaper there), I would recommend for your case "Gente Joven" (libro del alumno and cuaderno de ejercicios). It uses a task based approach, which works well with teenagers. Also, since your student is a francophone, he is going to be able to progress faster than an English speaker. You might need a new book every 30-40 hours of class.

I hope it helps, if you need any more advice, send me a message any time or email me at [email protected]. I would be happy to help.



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