Experience with Post Office Boxes?

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Experience with Post Office Boxes?

Postby lij317 » Thu Aug 14, 2014 1:37 pm

Hello everyone - My husband and I have been in Lima for about a month. I'm concerned about the best way to received mail (Serpost). The building we live in does not really have a mailbox...or a doorman so it's a locked door and the only option is to leave mail outside - super secure, I know.

I've given family and friends my husband's office address to send mail to, but I am wondering if it would be a better decision to get a post office box at the Serpost down the street. Would it be more secure? Maybe knocking out the middle man, what if "something happens" to our mail on the way to being delivered at an office...

Does anyone have any experience with this or know the costs? The Serpost website is not helpful.


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