Applying for residency

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Applying for residency

Postby sunflower » Mon Jan 02, 2017 3:46 pm

I have a few question regarding applying for residency in Peru, I hope someone can answer.

When you want to apply for a resident visa (cambia de calidad migratoria), do you still have to pay at Banco de la Nacion in person? Or is it possible to pay at an ATM / online banking? Anyone knows the "code" for the F-004 form?

Do you have to make an appointment online only when applying in Lima or when wanting to apply in Cusco for example as well?

Is the procedure still the same as a couple of years ago? Appointment, go there, leave all documents and receive your tramite number, check online, when everything is ready, return for fingerprinting and photos, receive carné?

Thanks for any info you can share :-)

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