Should I consider it

Answers to your qestions about moving to, and living in, Peru,
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Should I consider it

Postby HolaMeLlamoBob » Sun Sep 17, 2017 1:56 am

Sorry if this post is long
but i have a weird situation
some info you should:
I am registered in the consulate
Puedo hablar TANTO ESPAÑOL (es la idoma mejor!) (I think thats correct lol, im sleepy right now so it might not be)
I have tons of family down there
ALL OF THEM IN Miraflores, either close to JFK park (beat a chess hustler there once)
My family is wealthy by peruvian standarts (like a have a cousin that owns 4 apartment rooms, not buildings , and they all went to the best private school in Peru)
im a freshmen right now
I live in Chicago
My fmily is wealthy by american standerts

so i have some questions
1. I would prefer to live in Miraflores, escpecially by CLub Terrazas, because my abuelita lives near there, clinica good hope is close, Beach is close, Wong is close JFK park is close, Club terrazas is CLub terrazas, and chess hustlers play near there, and I know the area by heart bc i go there every year! How much would it cost, i can have some leanback on my family down there (staying with them, financial support, i can work for there former employers who pay really well, but i wont say which company to protect my families identity).

2. I can speak English, spanish, french and german. what job would you recommend for this
I am willing to look out of miraflores, even in other cities entirely. It can be a descent job, just enough for a house, elertisty and food, i would prefer internet and phone and tv, but i can wait a bit for those

3.How much would the move cost?

4.My skills are: foriegn language, chess, math

5. Il be willing to go to college in peru if neccessary, but it would be cheaper in the US bc I get this one free college bc my mom works there

6.NOS VAMOS A RUSIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Should I consider it

Postby HolaMeLlamoBob » Sun Sep 17, 2017 2:05 am

btw my mom says she doesnt care what i do she support mie fiscally
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Re: Should I consider it

Postby FDiH » Sun Sep 17, 2017 8:36 am

If you state that language is one of your primary skills then I suggest you use a spell checker when before you hit the submit button.

Since you speak English, German and French, you could focus on companies from those countries that have a subsidiary in Peru or focus on Peruvian companies that do a lot of international business (export). Alternatively you can look into (online) teaching, although you may need a degree or certificate for a teaching position.

Try networking sites such as LinkedIn and one of the several expat/work groups on Facebook. Make sure you have a knock-out CV and start networking.
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Re: Should I consider it

Postby Cactus fan » Tue Sep 19, 2017 4:15 pm

If your family is rich and you can stay with them and they can get you a job with their previous employers that pay well then you should take that option.

How much will it cost to live in Peru?

It depends where you want to live depends of what lifestyle you want to lead.

You can squat a piece of land, put a shed on it and buy food at the local mercado and cook on a gas stove. Like most people who live on the outskirts of Lima.
And almost don't need any money at all. And the little money you need, you can easily earn it with recycling plastic bottles at night or selling chocolate bars and bottles of gaseosa at the traffic lights.

If you want to live in a mansion in San Isidro, drive a Mercedes, eat every weekend at Astrid and Gaston, shop at Jockey Plaza, then you will need a job that pays you loads of ''Lucas''. Narcotraffico is the quickest and easiest way in Peru to make enough money to lead that kind of lifestyle. But don't forget to put enough money aside to bribe the guys of Dirandro in case you get caught.

If I was dead poor, I would move to La Selva. Squat a remote piece of land, preferably close to a river. Build a shed. Walls of bamboo sticks and a roof of palm leaves. Grow vegetables and fruit around it, breed chickens. I will bath in the river and wash my clothes in the river. I can live without money at all.
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Re: Should I consider it

Postby Alan » Tue Sep 19, 2017 4:38 pm

A tough question, but calculate $1000 a month if you live with family, and another $1000 if you need to rent and pay food in Miraflores. That is based on the lifestyle of an active millenial who wants to go out, travel from time to time, etc.

Work? That's tough. I'd hit up your family connections to see if they can find something for you.

University here? Could be.. count on paying between another $500to $1300 per month for one of the better universities.

Good luck.
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