Car Rental Lima Liability Insurance Cost

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Car Rental Lima Liability Insurance Cost

Postby ltkenbo » Tue Oct 08, 2019 2:19 pm

My wife is from Peru and we travel to Lima just over once a year to visit her family. This will be my 8th time traveling to Lima so I am quite aware of way traffic is. Lately when visiting we have been using Uber more often then not since it's actually pretty cheap and probably safer then taking random taxis. However, this time we are traveling with our 1 year old son and so we don't really want to have to rely on taxis and similar all the time especially when half the time they are missing seat belts and so I was planning on renting a car. We do have a safe place to park it and I think it would offer us some more flexibility with what we could do with her family while we are visiting.

My main question is, how much should I expect to pay for liability insurance (per day). I have heard I can purchase this through the rental agency, but it wasn't clear to me how much this would cost. Anyone have experience with this? I am looking at Budget or Avis probably - and not picking up from the airport but from Miraflores or somewhere similar the next day or so after we arrive.

I know the forum has a nice article on car rental and there's even a topic here though nobody wrote anything:

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