transport to Punta Hermosa

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transport to Punta Hermosa

Postby gregdev » Sat May 29, 2010 7:35 pm

Hey guys

I'm heading down to Punta Hermosa for a couple of days that I have off from work (!)

I'd appreciate any recommendations on affordable hostals (pref. near the beach) and how to get there. I heard there is a bus - which bus is it and where do i get it in Lima? How about shared taxis like the ones you can get out to Chiclacayo?



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Re: transport to Punta Hermosa

Postby goalie3443 » Thu Jun 24, 2010 7:10 pm

The best way to get to Punta Hermosa is to take the bus. Get a combi to take you to Puente Atacongo and wait under the bridge heading to the Sur. Just ask the combi driver or anyone in the area. Your best bet is the light tan and brown buses. They are larger than the combi's and you will see San Bartolo painted on the side. The fee to km 51 san bartolo is 3.50 soles per person each way. you want to get off at the main Punta Hermosa entrance so tell the cobrador where you are heading and that you dont know where to get off. Have fun! There are a few places to stay one open this time of year is on the north end of the beach towards the point. Thanks and check out my travel blog for more information on the area at enjoy!

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Re: transport to Punta Hermosa

Postby nirlep » Tue Jun 21, 2011 11:13 pm

Punta Hermosa is one of Peru’s best wave location, many people likes to visit Punta Hermosa every year, hopefully you too will enjoy the great wave location of Peru. There are many hostel facilities available in punta hermosa; even you can book the accommodation through intenet. As mentioned by goalie3443 there are many buses running from Lima to Punta Hermosa and fare is also affordable, which is known as best source of travelling to Punta Hermosa.All the best enjoy the vacation and do post some pics if possible.
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Re: transport to Punta Hermosa

Postby Myrthe » Thu Mar 14, 2019 10:41 am

Hey Guys,

Thank you so much for the advice above. Although from 2010 it was still very useful! We managed to get to Punta Hermosa with your tips by the same idea: make your way to the Carretera Panamericana Sur (the big high way) and then take a bus to Punta Hermosa. We did choose a different bridge though, Puente Benavides. The advantage is that this bridge is close to Universidad Ricardo Palma, which every combi driver knows :o Also, we started in Miraflores.

The next challenge was finding surfboards, as Punta Hermosa is a bit of a ghost town in low season. So if you want to rent these, it would be smart to go to Bravo surf camp! To make it a bit easier to follow, we made a blog post with google map locations and photos:

Hopefully, this helps! :D

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