Lovely room with independent bathroom and entrance in Miraflores

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Lovely room with independent bathroom and entrance in Miraflores

Postby Mari.Valdi » Fri Jun 01, 2018 10:57 am

Hi there!

My sister and I are renting a room in our apartment in Miraflores (in between Óvalo Gutierrez and Pardo), close to supermarkets (Plaza Vea, Tottus, Vivanda and Wong), coffee places such as La Crocante, Raw Cafe, Cafe de Lima, Neyra Café..Chifas, sushi places (Edo,for instance); cinemas (5 blocks to cine Alcázar and 10 to El Pacífico and Centro Cultural PUCP!) and 5 minutes walking to El Malecón. It is a great location to be close to the beauty of Miraflores 'heart-center' and to find peaceful time too! I also have many movies and interesting books you can borrow if you like to read and I love coffee and tea, so you are welcome to have one cup of coffee when you want :)

The room has a closet and private bathroom (hot water), the rent includes wi-fi (cable is also available upon request) and our roommate can use the laundry machine.

We both work for a NGO that works to promote Responsible Human Development in High-Andean communities in Cusco. You can check it: We travel once a month to the projects site.

We love to live in a safe and peaceful environment, if you feel you can happily live with us, send us a message or contact me via email: I can put you in contact with former roommates!

If you want I can send you pictures and if you are in Lima, I can show you the room before.


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Re: Lovely room with independent bathroom and entrance in Miraflores

Postby cbiasutti » Sat Aug 18, 2018 1:59 pm

Hello, I am interested in the room you have available.
If possible I would. Like to receive some photos to my whatsapp +31644380100. I am located in San Martín Miraflores at the moment.

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