Pork Butt Roast

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Pork Butt Roast

Postby Kelly » Mon Oct 03, 2011 11:42 am

Anyone know what I would ask for if I want a pork butt roast? It's from the shoulder of the pig.

el conquistador

Re: Pork Butt Roast

Postby el conquistador » Mon Oct 03, 2011 1:35 pm

I don´t know it either but if I needed it, I would take with me a small drawing of a pig and show it at the carneceria.

http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9 ... b9t971e0rQ

Wednesday, I had to fit a new tap in my home and didn't know how the parts that I need are called so I took pictures of the other tap and connections in my home and showed them at the ferreteria.
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Re: Pork Butt Roast

Postby ehat » Mon Oct 03, 2011 1:46 pm

I think its just the pierna de cancho. I have seen it in the mercado all in a lump. or ask them what they use for guiso

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