Proposed Expat Get-Together.

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Proposed Expat Get-Together.

Postby Philipc4u59 » Tue Sep 03, 2013 10:03 am

IMO, I feel expatperu needs to start having social functions - again.
When I first joined in May 2012; I read previous comments/post about "get-togethers"; they seemed FUN!
Since then, I have not been aware of any such functions; I have a solution to this:

Our condo in Surquillo (the good section of Aurora Este) has a large patio; we have had up to 40 people.
If the response if greater than 40; I would consider renting a convenient location - for all the guests.
I am thinking that SAE might be interested; I will give Michael a "shout" about this.

Why am I considering this:
1. When people get to meet another poster FACE-TO-FACE; any animosity between them may disappear.
2. I like any reason to have a party; I am the classic "people person" & enjoy cultivating new friendships.
3. It is the perfect setting to introduce my coffee to as many people as I can; in a nice, relaxed atmosphere.

I can see having delicious pastries (free - of course); possibly a poster/reader of expatperu (or a friend) is in this business - (good opportunity for exposure for your product). Possibly someone can make a survey form at to what days/times work best for the majority of expaters; I don't have this knowledge presently...

What do you think???
I know Chi Chi is already packed & headed to Lima - when he reads "free coffee & pastries!!!"
Let's take this opportunity to "put a face with a poster on expatperu"...

Looking forward to meeting so many people that I consider FRIENDS on expatperu; everyone invited,
Philip :roll:

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