Shipping from the USA

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Shipping from the USA

Postby » Mon Dec 12, 2016 11:42 am

I had some experiences that might be useful, as of November 2016. I ordered 2 waterfilter kits from the US. The first was shipped and insured with a value of $50. It arrived at Serpost, I received a notice and picked it up no problem. The 2nd kit was insured for $200 per the maximum available on the shipping label from the US. I received another notice and was promptly greeted at Serpost with a notice to bring my receipts and proof of payment, and I would to pay import taxes with Aduanas - about a 2 hr process.

So they opened my package and I showed them i paid less than $50, he said the items was insured for $200 which means I should pay a tax. I convinced him it was just a waterfilter and he let me off the hook. I have ordered small items from Amazon and had them shipped directly to my house no problem, and I asked him why those items arrived directly, and the other water filters were not taxed. He said ANYTHING $200 or more was automatically subject to search and taxation. The $200 is the value on the shipping label, and that is how they decided.

So as far as I know, whatever you ship, I would suggest keep the shipping value at $100 or less. Does anyone have other experiences like this?

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