Finding a girlfriend/wife in Peru.

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Finding a girlfriend/wife in Peru.

Postby Cactus fan » Sat Sep 02, 2017 4:59 pm

Back in 2009, I had a dead end boring job which I was about to lose and travelled to Peru for a vacation. I was staying at cheap hostel. I've met my gf. We went for dates in Pollerias, Menu restaurants and Chifa's. Travelled by public transport. After my 3 weeks vacation, I went back to Europe. I kept talking to my gf by phone and e-mail.
4 months later, I lost my job and bought a one way ticket to Lima. I rented a room for 225 soles a month in Magdalena Del Mar. I found a job as a cook in a restaurant. Working 6 days a week and working up to 12 hours a day making 850 soles a month. My gf moved in with me. She was working at the supermercado for 550 a month.
We lived well. I could take left over food home after work and we shopped for clothes at Gamara.
On our days off, we visited my gf her family or spent the day at La Punta de Callao and went to Barranco in the evening for a drink.

Now, in 2017, we are still together.
We are now living in Switzerland. My gf was hesitating about leaving Peru but she's fine now. She picked up the language and found a job.
We earn a good wage and live in a nice flat but are still missing the ''old days'' in Peru.
Money makes live easier but it doesn't buy happiness.

I think, you have to grow together and be in love and make decisions together. You also have to live the same standard of living.
If Peruvian women get in a relationship with a foreigner and there's a big difference in age and financial status then it can only fail.
You cannot just take a Peruvian girl to another country and expect that she will like it just because she makes a little bit more money. She will miss her family, country, culture and food. And no money in the world can replace that.

I have several female Peruvian colleagues at work and all of them were married to a foreigner and got divorced. Simply because the men couldn't or didn't want to understand their culture. And because of the financial difference, they somehow felt that their partner expected to love them because he got her a visa and supported her financially. Some told me that the just married them for a visa and money because ''he was flashing it anyway back then in Lima'' so if he's flashing his money, he can afford to lose it anyway and wouldn't be bothered if I just use him for that''. You can buy sex but you can't buy love.

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