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Posted: Fri Dec 21, 2018 7:30 pm
by PRL.1206
My gf and I visited the great country of the Democratic People Republic of Korea.

I would like to recommend their embassy in San Isidro.
It only took 10 minutes to get the visa. We only have to present our passports, 2 passport size photographs, 30 euros and our invitation from our travel agent.

Whilst there, we visited the Kumsusan Palace where the leaders Kim Il Sung und Kim Jung Il lay in state.
Next to the Mausoleum there was a gallery where all the medals and recommendations that the leaders were presented with were displayed.

The country that gave most medals was Peru.
Other countries that awarded the Great Leader and the Supreme leader with a lot of medals are Germany, Canada, Colombia, Australia, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Singapore, Hong Kong, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Ecuador.