New expat from africa

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New expat from africa

Postby lindalocadia » Wed Mar 25, 2020 6:59 am

Hi guys

So I am moving to Peru soon from South Africa and I will be working at Centrum business school Pucp. I need advice on everything Peru. To begin, I need a one bedroom apartment in the surco, close to Centrum where I can walk to campus. If someone can also tell me the prices, I will be grateful. Secondly, I would like to connect with other women who are afro american or black africans. Its something to do with skincare and haircare products. I was in Asia before and I had a problem with these, so it will be better to meet with other afro american women to assist on this.

I need help, I need to know about the income tax laws for an expat working in Peru as well. I am gery open to new friends who can assist me because the Americas are a new place to me. Please also let me know, if there is stuff that I should bring from south Africa that cannot be found in Peru.

Thank you all for your assistance in advance

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