Motorcycle Crash Death

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Motorcycle Crash Death

Postby 69roadrunner » Tue Sep 01, 2020 9:35 am

That is what you would think when you see a dude sprawled out in the street, blood and guts everywhere banged up motorcycle but nope, blame it on Covid. His death was classified death by Covid simply because he had the virus not because he smashed his brains on the pavement, go figure. How many other deaths have been mis classified. ... ida-report

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Re: Motorcycle Crash Death

Postby samthesham » Tue Sep 01, 2020 12:29 pm

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Re: Motorcycle Crash Death

Postby noclevername » Wed Sep 02, 2020 8:43 am

Florida ::shake my head::

They have all sorts of reporting problems. Good thing "WOFL updated the story two days later to indicate that the motorcyclist death had been removed from the COVID-19 death tally." ... vid-death/

Florida also had a problem with passing coronavirus deaths off as pneumonia caused deaths in order to keep their numbers down. For a while England was only reporting deaths that took place in a hospital, so if you died from coronavirus in your home they weren't attributing it to coronavirus.

Considering the complexities, I don't think anyone believes the numbers reported are 100% accurate. Esp. in a country with a health care system based on and more intersted in generating profits over actually taking care of people's health.

There are going to be isolated incidents, like the one motorcyclist cited above and which was corrected two days later. (The other linked story mentioned in the second post has to do with lab results; didn't mention anything about deaths falsely attributed to coronavirus.) There's going to be reported cases of attributing coronavirus deaths to other causes, such as those thousands attributed to pneumonia, and unreported cases due to how England was counting deaths. There are going to be governments who downplay the crisis such as N. Korea, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and many others because their leadership doesn't want to deal with the issue. I see more reports by health care professionals (not politicians) from all over the world saying the true numbers are greater, not less than, what's being reported. I'll trust the words of scientists and science more than politics during a global pandemic.

The main point isn't the exact number of cases and deaths which is impossible to determine with 100% accuracy. To anyone not sticking their head in the sand it's obvious the numbers are high and that this is a major crisis that needs to be dealt with and not ignored, Hoping it all goes away on it's own, believing that medicines touted as being solutions but are clinically proven ineffective, suggesting that we just go along as before no matter that our older population and those with certain medical conditions are at greater risk of dying, and all the other invalid and nonsensical solutions aren't the way to deal with this.

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