lambayecano district of Zana as site of memory of slavery

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lambayecano district of Zana as site of memory of slavery

Postby tupacperu » Thu Oct 17, 2013 5:10 pm

08:49 Declared lambayecano district of Zana as site of memory of slavery ... mAXtHBFWPA

Chiclayo, Oct. 17 (ANDINA). The Regional Council of Lambayeque declared the District of Zana, in the province of Chiclayo, as site of the memory of slavery and African heritage Cultural in Peru, in vindication with the slaves as part of the history of the Peru, it was reported today.

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The director of the World Heritage Cultural of the Museum Afro-Peruvian of Zana, Luis Rocca, stressed that this initiative is located at Zana in the world map as a place of memory of the enslaved in the world.

"Now that is developing cultural tourism and tourism of memory, it is also an area of great importance for people of African descent and those who are against discrimination in the world", he said in dialogue with the Andean Agency.

It was reported that last August have submitted to Unesco a request together with a technical document which concentrates 144 pages composed of censuses of Africans in the 18th century, maps and plans drawn up by the Bishop Martínez de Compañón.

"As well as material for research and fieldwork that confirm that Zana was a great province in the 18th century that concentrated some 31 farms, six tanneries and the Spanish villa, City Centre this year celebrating 450 years of Foundation," he said.

He pointed out that with all this documentation have been able to reconstruct the history as well as what is the memory of the people, as there are descended from families of Africans living in Zana.

"Charlie was a great historical, geographical and cultural complex that had an international port in Chérrepe where exported various products and at the same time brought by that port to the slaves", he noted.

He said that in recent years Unesco is doing an inventory or record of places of memory of slavery.

In this regard, Rocca said that Zana meets all the conditions and requirements to be named a site of memory of slavery in its historic centre of this city.

The specialist stressed that if Unesco declares to Zana as the memory of slavery and the African cultural heritage site, it would have a cultural impact internationally.

"It could said that it is a moral recognition and a vindication of the slaves, to recognize and value the importance of Zana as a historic site," he explained.

He recalled that Zana is the oldest city in the region Lambayeque with his act of the Spanish Foundation of 1,563, becoming one of the Spanish villas older North of the Peru.

"Zana has two cultural heritage of the nation with the musical instrument the Czech and a document of 1.964 where the ancient churches of Zana are historical monuments and the third big achievement would be that all Zana has this international recognition," he said.

Indicated also that is thinking that you joining Zana on the slave route, or what is called the route of the slave route where 17 million slaves left Africa and came to the Americas during four centuries.

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Re: lambayecano district of Zana as site of memory of slavery

Postby teamoperu » Wed Oct 23, 2013 9:03 am

It is actually a pretty good little museum.

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