Traveling out of Peru with kids (What are the options?)

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Traveling out of Peru with kids (What are the options?)

Postby chelsearob77 » Tue Jan 13, 2015 9:46 am

I've been offered a job in Dublin, Ireland and plan to be leaving Peru during the next couple of months, the plan is me, my wife and our 3 kids (my stepdaughter and my two kids) will all be leaving Peru at the same time, but there is a possibility I will have to leave first, then they follow a month or so later, which would mean my wife having to travel out of Peru alone with the 3 kids which would mean they need written permission given by the other parent allowing her to travel alone with the kids, the older child (my stepdaughter) so her father will be able to get this written permission done at the notary for my wife just before they was due to leave Peru, but the other two kids will need written permission given from myself, to my understanding this written permission is only valid for 15 days! So I won't be able to do this!

Instead I have read on here that I would need to go to a Registros Publicos to get Un Poder Especial done for both kids, which would give my wife the power to go to the notary for a Permisso de Viaje to travel out of Peru alone with the other two kids, I have emailed one of the Registros Publicos in San Isidro asking what we would need to do for this and the costs involved? But am still waiting for an answer from them?

Is that a way I could give some kind of authorisation to enable my wife to travel out of Peru with the kids after I was in Dublin? By either signing something at the Peruvian embassy in Dublin authorising her to travel alone from Lima to Dublin with the kids, or getting a document done and sent or faxed to her or even the migrations in Peru?

It's just doing our heads in a bit trying to find the best option for my wife to be able to leave Peru alone with the kids, should I have to Leave Peru for Dublin before them.



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Re: Traveling out of Peru with kids (What are the options?)

Postby mammamia » Tue Jan 13, 2015 2:30 pm

This might help: ... igratorio/

... o autorización consular legalizado por el ministerio de relaciones exteriores (si es otorgada en el extranjero) de acuerdo con lo señalado en el articulo 111º del código de los niños y los adolescentes, Decreto Ley Nº 27337.

You can get this done at the Peruvian Consulate in Dublin or London, whichever is easier for you and then get it legalized at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Lima.

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