A Great Rehab Center

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A Great Rehab Center

Postby DC_20833 » Sat Nov 25, 2017 8:24 am

I pray that no one ever need one but just in case. This comes from experience for a reason I wish to keep private. Rehab in Peru can be a nightmare or a living hell for the patient with nothing accomplished. However, you should do the following when considering Rehab.
First you must visit the Center they should be transparent and explain the program in detail. You should see the entire facility and I mean everywhere. You should ask to see what they serve the patient for meals. Your family member will need extra items, most centers do not even provide toilet paper and soap you must buy those or bring them to the center.

Rehab is tough on both the addict and the family. You should ask how those are handled. There should be therapy for the patient and the family which is demanding on your time but is necessary so the patient can continue their recovery after they leave rehab.

I found a center in Chiclayo it is called Project Vida or Proyecto Vida their phone number is 950-715-234 ask for Paola or Roxanna. The one drawback is they only speak Spanish. Their website is http://proyectodevida.pe/ it also in Spanish too. Here is why I like this place first of all Roxanna the Psychologist lives on the property and the patient gets one private session per week, there are three group therapy sessions per day.

The house is in good repair, well maintained, and clean. I would buy the house if they didn't own it. Also, if you have never been to Chiclayo the climate is great they have sun there year-round and no traffic.

Now, what they do if extra items are needed is the patient provides a list to the staff and they email you with the exact price. You then deposit the amount into their account at BCP, they go and buy the item and when you visit they show you the receipts. When the patient receives their Psychology Session the patient signs for it and the family can check a book when they come visit. The cost for the facility is s/. 1500.00 per month and you must pay a onetime entrance fee of s/. 1500.00. If you use their taxi to bring your family member to the facility they charge s/. 250.00 and they also charge a s/. 100.00 Laboratory fee. So, the first month you will pay s/. 3350.00 after that you pay the s/. 1500.00 plus any extras. With an exchange rate of $1.00 to s/. 3.24 that works out to $462.92 per month not bad considering.

If you anybody needs any help with this call me at 997-680-524 I can give you more information.

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Re: A Great Rehab Center

Postby 69roadrunner » Sat Nov 25, 2017 5:39 pm

Whoa you have been through the mill, sounds to me from reading your last posts. What brought you to Peru? This clinic? As I am seeking rehabilitation too. Pm me if you can not speak in open forum.

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