Amazon River Trip Iquitos to Manaus

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Amazon River Trip Iquitos to Manaus

Postby Travel4ever » Sat Feb 02, 2008 5:23 pm

Looking for info from anyone who has done this trip before. Currently plan on doing so in Early March, take speedboat Iquitos to Tabatinga and then pick up riverboat. Any suggestions, recommendations, websites etc, much appreciated.

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Postby limaclub » Thu Feb 07, 2008 11:32 am

Hi Travel4ever,

Do you know South American Explorers ? Couple lines to give you an idea :

"Whatever you want to do, South American Explorers can help with trip planning, member recommended guides and outfitters, discounts on lodging, schools, travel...and much more. We are not a travel agency or a tour operator, rather, we specialize in assisting independent travelers and groups make the most of their experiences. We are a non-profit organisation that provides personal help and attention to details backed up with nearly 30 years of experience. That's how long we've been assisting scientists, researchers, students and others heading to South America. So, take some time to explore all our website has to offer and contact us today to see how we can help you!"

For example here is one of the trip report you can find on the SAE website or at one of our clubs : Lima, Cusco, Quito and Buenos Aires.


Posted by: Henry Lippi
Email contact: [email protected]
City, Country: Brazil - Peru

Travel Dates: any
Weather Conditions: hot and sweaty
Route & Terrain: water
Trip Essentials:bug repellent, malaria medication, water filter...

The stretch of river upstream from Manaus, as far as the pivotal frontier with Peru and Colombia at Tabatinga, is known to Brazilians as the Rio Solimoes. Once into Peru it again becomes the Rio Amazonas. Although many Brazilian maps show it as the Rio Maranhao on the Peru side, Peruvians do not call it this until the river forks into the Maranon and Ucayali headwaters, quite some distance beyond Iquitos.

From Manaus to Iquitos in Peru, the river remains navigable by large ocean-going boats, though few travel this way any more. Since the collapse of the rubber market and the emergence of air travel, the river is left to smaller more locally oriented river boats. Many travelers do come this way, however, and although some complain about the food and many get upset stomachs (specially on the peruvian leg), it can be a really pleasant way of moving around - lying in your hammock, reading and relaxing or drinking at the bar. Against this, there are all the inherent dangers of travelling by boat on a large river, especially at night. Boats have been known to sink (though this is rare) but they do frequently break down, causing long delays, and many captains seem to take great pleasure in overloading boats with both cargo and passengers. In spite of the discomforts, however, the river journey remains popular and it´s unarguablyan experience that will stick in the memory.

The river journey, is also, of course, by far the cheapest way of travelling between Brazil and Peru. There are reasonable facilities for visitors in the border town of Tabatinga and the adjacent Colombian town of Leticia. All boats have to stop at one of these ports, and most will terminate at the border whichever direction they have come from.

The boat trip from Manaus to Tabatinga - five to eight days upstream - costs around $ 65 inclusive food (though bring some treats, as the fare on board, though good, does get a bit monotonous). The downstream journey, which is often very crowded, takes three to four days and costs upward of $45. If you want to break the journey, you can do so at Tefé. around halfway, but there´s no reason to stopo here unless you really can´t face the boat any longer (there are several weekly flights from Tefé to Manaus and Tabatinga if you are really fed up). Five large boats currently ply the river on a regular basis, all pretty similar and with good facilities (toilets with paper, showers, mineral water and enough food). Smaller boats also occasionally do the trip, but more often terminate at Tefé, from where other small boats continue. On the other side of the border the boat tripo to Iquitos from Tabatinga costs around $ 25-35 and takes three or four days, sometimes more, rarely less. Coming downstream, from Iquitos to Tabatinga ($20) gives you one and a half days on the river. Again, it is advisable to take your own food and water - all normal supplies can be bought in Tabatinga. There are also more popular super-fast sixteen-seater powerboats connecting Tabatinga and Leticia with Iquitos. They cost upwards of $50 and take roughly ten to twelve hours. Small planes also connect Iquitos with Santa Rosa, an insignificant Peruvian border settlement just a short boat ride over the river from Tabatinga and Leticia, there is at least one flight a week operated by the Peruvian airline TANS.

Some adresses of Manaus.

Places to stay:

Cheap lodging

Hotel Ideal (phone: 622-0038 - Rua dos Andradas, 491)

Hotel Rio Branco (Phone: 233-4019 - Rua dos Andradas, 484)


Hotel Rei Salomão (phone 234-7374 - Rua Dr. Moreira, 119)

Hotel Krystal (phone 233-7535 - [email protected] - Rua Barroso, 54

Top End

Hotel Manaós ( phone 633-5744 - [email protected] - Av. Eduardo Ribeiro, 881)

Plaza Hotel ( phone 232-7766 - [email protected] - Av. Getulio Vargas, 215)

Some web sites with informations:

Andy’s Travel Tips - Manaus Brazil - [ Traduzir esta página ]
... Give to hostel owner. Hide, etc? ... *****
FUTURE TRAVEL PLAN I am Manaus go toward Iquito’s Peru. ... - 33k

Brazil - Discovering the Amazon backwaters around Manaus - [ Traduzir esta página ]
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... yeah” and I say “you give me a ride a la caro to centro manaus, joachim nabuco ... him
I’m goin’ and he says “I’m going back to the hostel then” and ... - 43k -

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Lima 18.
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Re: Amazon River Trip Iquitos to Manaus

Postby peterapetzold » Sun Nov 20, 2011 12:14 pm

I will be in Colombia in February-do you know if it would be better to travel to Manaus via the Amazon from Iquitos or Leticia, and what would be a best time of year to travel? Thank you.

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