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Assistant Editor Position

Postby jfed » Mon Mar 06, 2017 8:00 am

RPB needs an Assistant Editor in Chief. Our ideal candidate has some specialized English grammar knowledge (beyond just being a native speaker) and/or some office or campus organization/leadership experience.

RPB proofreads and edits the academic texts (mainly essays and dissertations) of second-language graduate students studying abroad.

Responsibilities will include three main areas: communications tasks (e.g., answering emails); clerical tasks (e.g., processing incoming orders, calculating some fees and return times); and editing (performing final reviews of edited work, editing small items like resumes and mini-essays/reflections).

You’ll be working with Jessica Federle, the Editor in Chief of RPB, in a Barranco apartment on Avenida del Sol. The business is online, so dress is casual. Hours will start slow, intensify, then taper off as the season progresses. We’re estimating 10 am to 5 pm about 3 to 4 days per week to start. Hours will be flexible.

Pay is S/2000 per month. Take-home editing work for extra pay may be permitted as well, depending on your skills.

Necessary skills/qualifications:
•Native English speaker and familiarity with Word.
•Completed or in progress undergraduate degree.
•Familiarity with Mac computer or willingness to bring your own laptop.

Bonus skills/qualifications:
•Familiarity with Word’s “Track Changes” program.
•Familiarity with British English.
•Any prior English teaching or proofreading/editing experience.
•Any prior secretarial experience.
•Any graduate degree.

To apply, please send an email with the subject “Assistant Application: [Your Name]” to [email protected] with the following TWO items:

1. The test paragraph below, copy/pasted into a Word document and then proofread/edited in British (“UK”) English to the best of your abilities using Word’s “Track Changes” tool.

During the 1900's, East Asians grew faster than any other region of the world. East Asian region became a significant area, not only in terms of economy but also political, cultural, and secure. (Aden et al 2004, p. 46) There are two major players; China and Japan. For a about a decade, they had a relatively harmonious relationship, because they realised importance of economic and political cooperation (Thomson, 2009, p. 104). As Smith et al notes, China needed foreign capital and advanced technologies to develop their economy, Japan also needed large market and cheap workforce to maintain their stable economic growth (2001: 92). Based on two governments national interests, they made a stable bilateral solidarity in 1970s.

There is more than one correct way to edit the paragraph! Like most texts with RPB, this text (or this excerpt from it) is only using parenthetical referencing in general (it’s in the Harvard system, but no style is specified). We are interested in your English grammar skills and ability to keep citations consistent. Regarding citations, RPB is most interested in achieving consistency as efficiently as possible, but APA, ASA, and Chicago (Author-Date) are three good examples of common author-date formats.

2. Your resume or CV as an attachment. Applicants of all majors are welcome.

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