Spot Counterfeit Money in Peru

Counterfeit Bills will often have two different serial numbers on them rather than just one.

Counterfeit bills are a problem in Peru, and this can be especially troublesome for newcomers to the country who are not very familiar with the currency. However, below are some steps from Peru’s Central Bank to follow to know how to discriminate the fake from the real.

1) Touch: check the texture of the bill – all bills are made of cotton and you should be able to feel this

2) Look: check that the bill has a sharp watermark and serial number when you hold it up to the light.

3) Rotate: When you hold a bill on its side, you should be able to see its colours change, and further on a S/100 or S/200 bill you should see a moving fish hologram. The Central Reserve recommends taking all the steps listed above to ensure your bill is valid. The full guide released by the Central Reserve on spotting counterfeit money can be viewed here in Spanish.