Medical Tourism in Peru – What’s Popular


Medical Tourism in Peru: Cosmetic Surgery & other Procedures

The MTA – Medical Tourism Association – estimates that around one million Americans packed their bags and headed overseas last year for nearly every type of medical procedure you can imagine. Figures also show that Medical Tourism in Peru has taken off in the last five years, with approximately 250,000 people entering Peru as ‘medical tourists’ all looking for quality medical treatments at a lower cost than what they would pay in their home country. Plastic surgery, dentistry and ophthalmology are among the most sought after services.

Medical treatments are more affordable in Peru than in the USA. ©Arvin Chingcuangco

Who Travels to Peru for Healthcare?

Many North Americans don’t have health insurance and those that do still find that the limitations of their policies, or high co-pays, make it near impossible to get the care they need. Another example are the many Peruvians who live in North America that take advantage of these lower costs when they return to Peru to visit family. This fuels the Medical Tourism boom. High quality treatments and value for money are understandably top of the list.

But is Healthcare in Peru Safe?

According to the MTA, what is interesting is that it’s often the friends or family members of patients that ask this question more than the patient themselves. At least one family member or friend is virtually guaranteed to try to change the mind of the patient about taking treatment overseas. Most concerns are unfounded as Enrique Roig, psychoanalyst from Humana Peru said, ‘’There are good quality health professionals in Peru. The possibility that doctors have to perform their professional practices very early allows them to have a lot of exposure in their medical field.’’ He added that the cost of labour in Peru is also much less expensive than other countries which helps keep the running costs of clinics down, with savings being passed on to the patient. Finally, he also stressed that medical tourists benefit other sectors too, as they often visit well-known places or try Peru’s gastronomy during their visit. All these factors make taking medical treatments in Peru very favorable, while still being treated in the best clinics in Lima and not spending close to what the same procedure would cost in North America or other developed countries. For example, a rhinoplasty (nose job) might cost around US$5000 in the USA, while in Peru you’re looking at a saving of at least 60%.

Author Lloyd Hannis is the owner of Surgery in Peru, a web service specializing in connecting patients with quality medical care in Peru.