Meeting People in Lima


If you are planning to relocate to Lima, or are looking to spending some time in the city, you might be interested in meeting new people and getting involved with your community. There are a wide range of ways in which expats can make friends and create new connections, whether it’s with people from their home country, expats from other countries, or Peruvian nationals. Here are some tips that will help you meet new people in Peru.

Networking and having fun. ©Phil Coffman

Hobbyist Groups

Meeting people is specially fun when you’re in a group that has similar interests. Some popular special interest groups include the Lima Hash House Harriers, “drinkers with a running problem” who get together twice a month for running, walking and having fun in different parts of Lima. The Scottish Caledonian Society of Peru is a group of expats whose mission is to share and maintain the tradition of Scottish country dancing alive in Peru, and to create a space for people to meet and socialise.There are also a variety of sporting organizations in Lima for foreigners and locals alike.

Internations Peru

Another great way to meet new people in Lima is by becoming a member of Internations, an international expat community that connects people from all over the globe. They host fun monthly events and get-togethers, have an active forum where you can talk to people and ask any questions you might have about living in Peru, and also have articles with useful informations for expats who have recently relocated or are planning to relocate to Lima.

Religious Services

Churches and temples are also great places to meet friendly people. Even if you aren’t much of a religious person, some churches have interesting programs and inclusive get-togethers for the expat community in Lima. There are places of worship that perform services in English, and some that have translations available. This might be a good way to become part of your expat community and meet Peruvian nationals. Check out our list of English services in Lima for more information.

Spanish Classes and Immersion Programs

Many expats in Lima take lessons to improve their Spanish, and this is also a great way to meet people and create new connections. ‘El Sol’ Spanish Language School offers a selection of  Spanish courses that will help you make the best out of your time in Peru. You can complement your Spanish immersion courses with the school’s cultural program, where you go on excursions to sites of interest in Lima, take Latin dance lessons and Peruvian cooking classes, all of which will help bring you closer to the Spanish language and Peruvian culture.

Tour Groups

Taking a bus, walking or biking tour of Lima is another great option to meet expats and locals around the city. You can learn about the history and gastronomy of Lima, while also meeting new people. We have created a list with valuable information regarding the top tour companies and attractions in Lima.

Tourists volunteering in Peru.

Travel Volunteerism (fee based)

One of the most rewarding ways of meeting new people in Lima is by doing volunteer work. You can get involved with a local community, which will help you get a better understanding of Peru, its culture and its people. This experience will also help you improve your Spanish. And if you work with an indigenous community, you might even learn a few words in Quechua and other indigenous languages!

Global Volunteers is an international organization with a wide range of volunteering projects in Peru. They have connections with different communities and institutions, such as Comunidad de Niños Sagrada Familia in the district of Ventanilla, Callao, an institution sheltering 1,200 children, from 1 month to 17 years, who come from especially difficult circumstances. Your work can consist in teaching English as a foreign language, providing health care, doing repair and maintenance work (no experience necessary), assisting in early childhood education or teaching math and science.

Other volunteering opportunities in Lima:

International Volunteer HQ – This is an international volunteering organization with projects in Lima and Cusco which include teaching English, childcare, animal care, community support, medical services, and construction and renovation.

Piecitos– This local NGO creates educational projects for children in vulnerable communities around Peru.

We’d like to hear from you. What have been the best ways for you to meet people in Lima. Share your experience in our forum topic: Networking in Lima