Paragliding in Lima

Paragliding over Miraflores District Lima, Peru.

The paragliders over the Costa Verde in Lima are always an exciting sight to see.  The 70m cliffs over the beach in the Miraflores district provide an excellent lift. The area is known for providing dynamic flight with little turbulence.  Takeoffs and landings are from the “Parapuerto” (paraport), a small circular patch of grass just north of the Parque del Amor.  The Lima area is particular attractive to paragliders because of the ability to get into such close proximity to the buildings.  Some paragliders like to ‘buzz’ the restaurants of LarcoMar, others have reported sailing close enough to the Marriott hotel to see themselves reflected in the windows.  Maximum flight height is around 220 meters, from updrafts near the building ‘El Miramar’, however at times there are thermals near Barranco that allow lift of more than 500 meters.

The desert dunes over Pachacamac are another popular Lima location for paragliding. Located about 30 Km to the south, on sunny days there is a lot of interesting thermal activity here. And, about 60 Km to the north you’ll find Pasamayo, a nearly vertical 400 meter sand dune that allows you to glide right out over the ocean. You can also find some small thermals there that can be fun for practicing maneuvers.

For those who have never paraglided but want to experience the thrill of flight, there are several companies that provide tandem rides over the Costa Verde. In tandem flight, the rider is taken up in a large, stable paraglider made for two people. Fly Adventure does tandem rides over the Costa Verde, as do AeroXtreme and FlyPeru.   And if tandem riding isn’t enough excitement, all three places also offer classes in solo paragliding.

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