El Comercio

El Comercio, Peru’s #1 newspaper.

Peru’s top newspaper, El Comercio has been around since 1849. It’s the oldest paper in Peru, and the 2nd oldest in Latin America. A well respected news source, they carry news on politics, business, travel, sports and entertainment. It’s also a good source for upcoming events. The website carries page views and printable articles from their print edition.

La República

Founded in 1981, the left-leaning La Republica is another of Peru’s top daily papers. It was founded by Gustavo Mohme Llona, a formal member of Peru’s congress, and was very vocal in opposition to Alberto Fujimori during his presidency.

Perú 21

is a relative newcomer and a subsidiary of El Comercio. Its content and vanguard design have made it one of the more important papers in Peru, with politics similar to those of La Republica.


Generally maintaining a center right but respectful tone, the Expreso was founded in October of 1961 which makes it the 2nd oldest daily paper in Lima.


Founded in 1962, the Correo is 3rd in readership numbers of Peru’s dailies. It carries politics, local, economy, entertainment, sports and opinion news in a tabloid format.

Top Magazines


Peruvian magazine Caretas.

A liberal newsmagazine founded in 1950. Published weekly in Lima, it’s well known for its investigative journalism. It focuses on Peruvian topics, often taking critical looks at whichever is the current political administration.

Etiqueta Negra

Founded in 2002, Etiqueta Negra is a source of literary journalism with contributions from many of Peru’s top authors and journalists. A monthly publication, each issue of the magazine focuses on a central theme and reports on it using a variety of perspectives and styles.


Founded in 1990, Cosas focuses on entertainment, sports, politics and social issues.


was founded in 1996 and focuses on Peruvian culture and natural resources. It reports on eco-tourism and environment issues with the aim of preservation of Peru’s natural and cultural heritage.

Semana Económica

Since 1985, Semana Economica has offered a weekly look at the most important business news and economic analysis news.