Peruvian Customs Regulations


The information on this article should be correct as of May, 2019.

List of Baggage Exempted from Payment of Duties

  • Clothing items that are obviously for use by the traveler.
  • Toiletry articles attributable to the traveler.
  • Objects for personal use and adornment.
  • two portable electric appliances for hair.
  • One electric shaver (traveler must be 7 years or older).
  • One photographic camera and up to five (05) rolls of film.
  • One film or videocassette camera, providing it is not for professional use, and up to five (05) rolls or cassettes of film.
  • One portable electronic calculator.
  • Medication for personal use.
  • Books, magazines and documents in general.
  • one portable musical instrument.
  • one radio or one “recording sound player” or one set containing both, provided it is portable, non-professional and has its own power source.
  • Up to twenty (20) packets of cigarettes or fifty (50) cigars or 250 grams of shredded or threaded tobacco for smoking (traveler must be over 18 years old).
  • Up to three (3) liters of liquor (traveler must be over 18 years old).
  • Up to FIVE HUNDRED U.S. DOLLARS (US$ 500.00) worth in miscellaneous articles for use or consumption by the traveler, or for gifts that by their quantity, nature and variety are presumed not destined for commercial use.
  • One portable mechanical, electric or electronic typewriter.
  • One radio receiver, or one radio recorder or one recorder, or one cassette player, or one tape player or record/disc player (conventional or compact disc), or one stereo system containing these items, providing it is PORTABLE with its own source of power (CC or CC-CA).
  • Up to 20 CDs.
  • Two photo cameras.
  • One video camera, provided it is portable, non-professional and has its own energy source.
  • One portable DVD player.
  • Two external hard drives for a PC; four memory cards for a digital camera, video camera and/or videogame, only if you carry them; four USB pen drives; 10 cassettes for a portable video camera; and 10 digital disks for video or videogame.
  • One portable electronic video game for home use.
  • One portable electronic agenda or electronic tablet.
  • One portable computer with its own energy source.
  • Two mobile phones (cell phones).
  • Suitcases, bags and other vessels of common use containing the objects that constitutes the traveler’s baggage.
  • One live domestic animal as pet, providing the corresponding sanitation regulations is met and that it arrives as accompanied baggage.
  • One personal, portable computer, with its own power source.
  • In the case of travelers who are sick or have impediments, also included as baggage will be those auxiliary means and equipment necessary for their mobilization (wheelchairs, stretchers, crutches and others).

Traveling with large amounts of cash to Peru

Upon entry in the country, you must declare if you are carrying cash in any currency that exceeds US$10,000, and it is prohibited to enter or exit the country with amounts in excess of US$30,000 or its equivalent in another currency.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this article was provided and, in some cases, translated from the website of Peru’s tax entity, Sunat, and is provided here as a service to people moving or traveling to Peru. Keep in mind that laws and regulations change frequently and it is therefore essential that you do your own research rather than merely relying on the information provided here. Expat Peru cannot be responsible for any problems that may result from failing to do so.