Peruvian News in English


*This list was updated in March, 2019

Here are three of Peru’s best news sources in English to help you stay up to date with what is happening in Peru. 

Andean Air and Peruvian Times, Since 1940.

Traveling and Living in PeruFormerly known as Peru This Week, Traveling and Living in Peru is one of the most comprehensive English language news sources and lifestyle magazines in Peru. With more than fourteen years of experience, their dedicated team brings you the big news daily, as well as travel, food, lifestyle, business, and local events information.

Traveling and Living in Peru is aimed at the expat and international community in Peru, as well as to those who are planning to visit the country and want to live the authentic Peru experience. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Peruvian TimesThe Andean Air Mail and Peruvian Times is one of the oldest English language publishing houses in South America. Their mission is to gather news on diverse topics, and produce quality investigative journalism about Peru, offering expert commentary and analysis.   

In the Peruvian Times you will find news about politics, education, environment, and sports, as well as interesting information about history and tourism.

AndinaAndina is a Peruvian government news agency that offers you the latest information about politics, sports, cultural events, economy, entertainment and technology in Peru and the world. You can access their site in English and Spanish, making it a convenient source for the international community living in Peru, and those who are planning to visit the country.