Listen to Peruvian Radio Stations Online



*This list was updated in March, 2019

Here is a list of Peru’s top radio stations online. This list will help you stay up to date with what is happening in Peru and around the world. Listen to your favorite music in English and practice Spanish in a fun way by listening to these Peruvian radio stations everywhere you go.

  • 88.3     Radio Mágica – Romantic music and ballads in English from the ‘80s and ‘90s.
  • 88.9     Radio Felicidad – Ballads, boleros and criolla music from the ‘60s & ‘70s.
  • 89.7     RPP Noticias – Peru’s principal news radio. Perfect to stay informed all day long!
    Logo of #1 Peruvian radio station, RPP.
  • 90.5     La Zona  – Salsa, reggaeton, and Latin music.
  • 91.1     Radio San Borja – Peruvian criolla music and political debate programs.
  • 91.9     Radio Más FM – Latin music, cumbia, salsa, reggaeton and bachata.
  • 92.5     Studio 92 – The best of rock & pop, reggae, reggaeton and bachata, with programs for young people.
  • 93.1     Ritmo Romántica – Lima’s romantic radio. The best romantic ballads in Spanish.
  • 94.3     Radio Corazón – Romantic music, ballads and bachata.
  • 94.9     Radio Karibeña – Peru’s radio with the best cumbia and tropical music of the moment.
  • 95.5     Radio Exitosa – Local and international news radio. Current events analysis.
  • 96.1     Radio La Kalle – The best of salsa music from the ‘80s and ‘90s. Tropical music and boleros.
  • 96.7     Radio FM Capital – Talk radio programs hosted by Peru’s best known entertainment personalities.
  • 97.3     Radio Moda – Reggaeton, salsa and merengue radio.
  • 98.1     Onda Cero – Reggaeton, salsa and Latin pop. News about your favorite artists.
  • 99.1     Doble Nueve – Peru’s first radio of English rock music, founded in 1979
  • 100.1   Radio Oasis – The best of rock and pop music in both, English and Spanish
  • 101.1   Radio Panamericana – Some of the best salsa music.
  • 102.1   Oxígeno – The greatest hits of rock and pop music from the ‘80s.
  • 102.7   Radio Filarmonia – Classical music, concerts, opera, and cultural programs.
  • 103.3   Unión La Radio – Cumbia, folklore, tropical, Andean and Criolla music.
  • 103.9   Radio Nacional – News, criolla and Peruvian music, rock music, and interviews.
  • 104.7   Viva FM – Spanish ballads from the ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s.
  • 106.3   Radiomar Plus – Peru’s pioneer salsa station, with the best of salsa from all times.
  • 107.1   Nueva Q FM – Radio station dedicated to Peruvian cumbia music and top hits.
  • 107.7   Planeta – Today’s hits of rock and pop music in English. 

For information about Peru’s television stations available online, visit Peruvian TV Stations.