Peruvian Television Stations


*This list was updated in March, 2019

Here is a list of Peru’s top national television stations available free online.

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You can watch a variety of live TV shows, enjoy sport matches, or simple catch up with your favorite local TV programming using your laptop, tablet or cellphone. And the best part, you don’t need a subscription to enjoy these Peruvian channels online. These are open signal stations.

There are currently three companies offering television by cable in Peru, Movistar, Claro and Direct TV. They also make their programming available online, but you must subscribe to this paid service.

  • TV Peru – Breaking news, analysis, exclusive interviews, cultural and general programming.
  • ATV – Known as Andina de Televisión, ATV programming is varied and tries to reach all ages and cultural groups within Peru.
  • Latina – Formerly known as Latina Televisión, its programming includes news, sports, soap operas and entertainment shows.
  • Americana TV – Americana TV Satelital is a Peruvian channel broadcasting news, music, TV series and movies.
  • Panamericana – Panamericana Televisión offers breaking news, analysis, cultural and entertainment programming.
  • RPP Noticias – RPP offers the latest news on politics, sports, entertainment and international events.
  • Willax TV – Breaking news, general programming.

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