Peru Relocation Services


Peru Relocation Services

There are so many things to think about when relocating abroad and sometimes it can just seem like too much bother. But there is hope at the end of the tunnel! Just like in other countries, there are relocation services in Peru available to make the process one hundred times easier.

These services can help you adapt to Lima during the first few days, giving you and your family a chance to settle in. Comprehensive city tours will allow you to get a feel for Lima and its main attractions, as well as give you an opportunity to ask important questions.

Services Offered by Relocation Services in Peru

Help from your relocation service goes far beyond the first couple of days. It will give you guidance in finding good schools for your children, applying for residence permits, registering with your home country’s consulate, opening a bank account, contacting travel agencies, finding Spanish teachers and obtaining a driving license. You may find that driving styles in Peru differ from those you are used to, but your relocation company will offer you advice on how to drive in Lima and how to deal with the local traffic.

Many Peru relocation services will help you search for both permanent accommodation and temporary housing, giving advice about properties and the different residential areas of Lima to choose from. Some services will even provide personalized property matching, giving you more time to focus on other important issues. You will also receive help with negotiating sales and rental contracts, hiring removals services and moving into your new home.

Once you’ve settled in, the most stressful part of relocating to Peru will be over! And rest assured that your relocation company will assist you in getting connected to the internet, telephone, cable TV and other household services. You can also ask for assistance with purchasing furniture for your new house, hiring home help and becoming acquainted with the neighborhood.

Finally, you should receive Peru travel advice, security tips, a special telephone help line and the contact details of highly recommended lawyers, doctors and other professionals in Lima. All this will allow you to focus on the fun aspects of moving to Peru, as you kiss goodbye to all the stress and hassle. Simply sit back and enjoy the ride, allowing yourself to absorb all the new and exciting sights and sounds to the full!

Moving to Peru can be a gratifying experience for the family depending on the support they receive. Companies who move their executives to Peru must give them adequate advice and support from the start.

This article was written by Tim Brace  at, a real estate company specializing in housing and lifestyle properties for foreigners moving to Peru.