Spanish Language Classes in Lima



If you are planning to travel in, move to, or work in Peru, you will  want to brush up on your Spanish skills. After all, you will get much more out of your stay if you are able to communicate with locals and experience the culture without dealing with a language barrier.  

El Sol Spanish Language School in Miraflores, Lima.

At ‘El Sol’ Spanish Language School, we offer you a selection of  Spanish courses that will help you make the best out of your time in Peru. El Sol is one of a select group of Spanish as a foreign language schools in the country approved by the Peruvian Ministry of Education. You will have the opportunity to study Spanish in Lima with a private teacher,  or in group classes. If you want to get a jump on your Spanish before you arrive, you can even take preliminary classes online with Peruvian teachers with our partner: Web Spanish.

Our courses range from basic to advanced, so – even if you have never spoken the language before – we are able to offer Spanish instruction at the level you need.  Every month, we receive a diverse group of people at our school – from college students backpacking in South America to retired couples discovering the historical wonders and exquisite gastronomy of Peru. Studying at our school is a great way to meet new people and to create long lasting connections.  

Group Excursion – El Sol Spanish School.

One of the best parts of being a student at El Sol is that you will be able to complement your Spanish immersion courses with our school’s cultural program. You’ll enjoy excursions to sites of interest in Lima, take Latin dance lessons and Peruvian cooking classes, which all bring you closer to the Spanish language and Peruvian culture.

You also have the opportunity to live with a local family in Lima with our Family Homestay Program – which will help you immerse yourself in the Peruvian society and allow you practice speaking Spanish in a domestic setting.

El Sol has a tremendous location. Our school is located in the beautiful seaside district of Miraflores, close to dozens of hotels,  restaurants, galeries, shops and parks.

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