Sporting Organizations for Expats in Peru


There are lots of sporting associations in Lima. Whether you are visiting the city for a few weeks, planning to relocate or have been living here for a while, we are positive you can find a place to break a sweat and meet new people at an affordable price. Here are a few that have a fair number of foreign participants, and which are easy to join.  

Los KiteflyersThe Kiteflyers are a male soccer team, mostly composed of expats. They play in a league with other teams, and sometimes participate in a fútbol 8 tournament hosted annually by the Camara de Comercio Peruano Británica (Peruvian British Chamber of Commerce), that brings together small soccer teams of foreigners and locals. Visit Los Kiteflyers’ Facebook page for more information.

American Community Softball League – For 35 years, the American Community Softball League has been bringing Expats and Peruvians together to play slow pitch softball. The league is dedicated to providing an atmosphere of recreation and enjoyment of the game while stressing the principles of fair play and sportsmanship. Currently, the league fields five teams on Sunday mornings. Recruitment is limited, but if you are interested in playing, you can contact the league commissioner via the American Community Softball League Facebook page.

Cricket in LimaSituated off Avenida Ejercito on Justo Vigil, Magdalena del Mar – the Lima Cricket Club is home to the Cricket scene in Peru. From January to April, you can see the classic scene of men in white, smacking a small leather ball around a big field. Then again you might just see a few men in scruffy dress standing around looking aimless. This all depends on your perspective. Players and fans call it the “sport of gods” and all, frail or fit, young or old, are invited to participate in this quintessentially English tradition. For more information, contact:  or visit the Cricket in Lima Facebook page.

The Alumni Rugby ClubIt’s one of the founder clubs of the fledgling Peruvian rugby scene and one of only 6 clubs registered to play in the Federation championship. Entry is open to all, including beginners. Most players in the championship are Peruvian, but there is a fair selection of foreigners, mainly from Argentina plus a few Europeans, Kiwis and Aussies. For more information, you can contact them by email at: or visit Alumni Rugby Club’s Facebook page.

Hash House Harriers, known as drinkers with a running problems.

The Lima Hash House HarriersThere are Hash House Harrier groups all over the world, and Peru is no exception. The Lima Hashers refer to themselves as “Drinkers with a running problem”. They meet in different locations in and outside of Lima every few weeks for an organized event. The Hash always has two routes: one for runners and other for walkers, so you don’t have to be an athlete to get involved. Afterwards, there is always food, drinks and music. Hashes in Lima attract from 20 to 60 people, both foreigners and locals. Participating with the Hash is a good way to make local friends and to get to know the geography of Lima. To receive the details of their runs, check out the Lima Hash House Harrier’s Facebook group.

Tennis – Lima also has a great offer for tennis players. You can go to public courts – which have been growing during the past few years –, train with a “boleador” or join a tournament. If you’re a beginner or are looking to get back in track, you can always take a class. Some of the best known public courts are the Centro Promotor de Tenis, in Miraflores and the court located at Campo de Marte, in Jesús María, run by the Peruvian Sports Tennis Federation. You can also play at private clubs, but these courts are often priced higher or are for members only.

Federación Deportiva Peruana de Softbol – The Peruvian Sports Softball Federation has a fast pitch softball league currently run by the Nikkei community in Lima. They have both, a male a female team, so if you are passionate about playing this sport or have children interested in forming part of the league, you can visit the Federación Deportiva Peruana de Softbol Facebook page for more information.

Besides these sporting organizations in Lima, there are many gyms, fight clubs, CrossFit training centers and other great options to help you stay in shape.

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We’d like to hear from you. Have you participated in one of the groups we mentioned? How did it go? Is there another group we should be aware of? Share your experience in our forum: Doing Sports in Lima