The Peru Relocation Toolbox


Are you relocating to Peru?  This primer is chockablock with the most useful links you’ll need as you research and set up your logistics. But be sure to peruse the rest of to find all kinds of relocation advice.

Here’s the hotlist to get you started:

General Info

Peru on Wikipedia – Get up to speed on the reality of the country. Spend some time  looking at the very good overview provided by our friends at Wikipedia.

Migrations Office

Peru’s National Migrations Superintendency (Superintendencia nacional de migraciones) This is the website of Peru’s Immigration and Naturalization offices. Also, browse through and find multiple articles about visas and residency issues.

Apartment Rentals in Lima

Check our own page devoted to renting housing in Lima Peru.

Job Search

Check out this resource on finding a job in Peru.


There are three main providers of cellular telephone service in Peru, and two of these also offer cable, internet and residential phone lines. There is plenty of debate in our forums as to which is best!

Telefonica  —  A Spanish company, Telefonica del Peru is the most established telecommunications company in Peru. It offers cellular service, cable, internet and good old fashioned landlines.

Claro – Part of Mexican magnate Carlos Slim’s telecommunications empire, Claro gives Telefonica a run for their money, with their aggressive marketing and pricing. They also offer cellular service, cable, internet and landlines.

Entel – This Chilean company offers cellular lines at a very competitive rates. These are the newcomers in the market. So far they are not offering other services other than cell phones.


Peruvian National Police – Check the website of the PNP if you’re looking to contact a particular commisario (police station) or one of their special units. In case of police emergency, dial 105.

Tourism Police – The PNP has a special division for tourist complaints. If you are robbed, either on the street, in a taxi or in a hotel, this is who to call. Even if you aren’t a tourist, it’s usually best for foreigners to call them first, as they have officers trained in English and some other languages. They have two stations in Lima – for south Lima and Miraflores, call 241-2190. In the City Center and northern Lima, call 423-3500.

Fire Department

Fire Brigade – Surprisingly enough, all of Lima is covered by voluntary fire brigades. In general, they are well equipped and trained in rescue and first aid. In case of fire emergency, dial 116.


Peruvian Money – Learn to recognize Peru’s bills and coins.


Foreign Embassies and Diplomatic Missions in Peru – A complete listing of foreign embassies and consulates located in Peru.