Understanding Lima – A Seminar for Newcomers


Are you planning to relocate to Lima, or have you been living in the city for a while but could use some guidance to make the best out of your stay here? Then our seminar for newcomers is for you!

This dynamic 4-hour seminar will help you adapt to your new home in Lima, Peru by shedding light on some of the areas that can often puzzle newcomers. The speaker will cover a range of key topics, including:

  • Cultural differences
  • Renting a house or apartment
  • Choosing a neighborhood
  • International schools
  • Security
  • Leisure
  • National politics and economy

Whether you have been living in Lima for a few days, or a few years, the information that you take away from this seminar will give you a better understanding of this vibrant, diverse, and sometimes challenging city. This is also a great opportunity to connect with other expats and build your support network.

The seminars for newcomers are held every two months, based on demand., and they can also be given to individuals or small groups at your company.

Please contact us for more information.

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